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Choosing the Perfect Land to Build Your Custom Luxury Home on

Choosing the Perfect Land to Build Your Custom Luxury Home on

Building your custom Luxury home can be exciting. Meeting with the architect and contractor to choose how your home will look and function for you and your family is a milestone in anyone’s life. Although, before you get excited about what is on the interior and exterior of your home – how about we talk about where it will be located? The  location you choose can make or break how much you enjoy your dream home. Look at these tips for choosing the right Custom luxury home building lot for your dream house!


Visit the land for sale in person

While it may not always be possible, try to visit the property site of where your luxury home could be placed. For many homeowners the “inconvenience” of traveling to the property site could make it seem impractical. Google maps and a great slideshow can make you feel  like you have been there. Just remember nothing can replace walking around the property. Observing views from different vantage points, seeing potential neighbors and how your future neighborhood will look can be extremely beneficial.


Experience your potential custom luxury home site at different times

Regardless of where you’d like to live, the property, climate, local characteristics of the site and neighborhood can all dramatically change with the time of day. When choosing a luxury custom home lot, visit during the morning, midday, evening times. The Location can be one of the most important decisions you make, as it will be the hardest one to change.


Consider the local resources when choosing a Sacramento luxury community or lot

The location of the neighborhood and local resources can have a big impact on you. These resources can include schools, churches, shopping centers, commuting to work, hospitals, parks and other amenities your family uses daily. While it is important to be happy with your custom home building lot, choosing a neighborhood that the lot is contained in can be just as important. Whether you are eyeing an exclusive private community like Cavitt Ranch or another luxury community in the Greater Sacramento or Placer area our Real Estate agents can guide you to the community perfectly suited to your needs.


Talk to the experts in luxury custom home development in the Placer Sacramento Area

Whether you have a plot of land and a dream or just a dream, the Hills Group Real Estate Agents can assist you in turning your dream into reality. We have learned that a plot of land can be a lot like a person. It will have it’s own personality, its own strengths and its own weaknesses. It isn’t enough to simply drop the home of your dreams on any available lot, there are considerations to be made before you ever break ground. Knowing what the land will tolerate and understanding the luxury custom home building process, has become is an important part of The Hills Group Real Estate.

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